At eight years old, BEECH started to learn music production in a class at Guitar Center. Then, he began to work with DJ Liam Shy. Beech loved the power of taking simple kicks and beats and creating a track. In middle school, he started DJing for local school and community events. In highschool he began DJing corporate events. BEECH fell in love with music as an infant. He would listen to the Beatles and Grateful Dead with his Grand-dad for hours. He loved to sit next to the large speakers and put his hand on them listening to the vibration of the beats. Along with music production and DJing, Beech has studied music theory and rhythm on the drums at Gelb Music.  His love for making music has never wavered. Some of his music comes from making bootlegs and remixing. Making remixes helps to build skill and provides an awesome challenge. Other songs generate from his deep passion for House music and many hours spent at all age EDM music festivals.


Seventeen year old music producer, BEECH discovered that you could take a simple kick, simple bass and create something unique. Growing up on beats from Skrillex and Zedd, BEECH fell in love with House music at eight years old and never looked back. He loved that the rules were not really well-defined. He could play around with vocals and beats and drop something hard.

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